communication how to be effective?

communication to be an effective, certain significant things should be kept in mind-
  • We must know what the objective of our communication is. without an aim, we can good at saying things in an informal setting(like talking to our friends or relatives), but for formal communication, such as in an office meeting or in a seminar or while talking to a boss in an office, we cannot merely blabber for no reason at all, we need to have a concrete aim or objective in mind.
  • When the objective is set, then the next step is to present our thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. with clarity and integrity. If we are not able to present our thoughts clearly, then how can we expect the listener to understand and respond?
  • An appropriate environment is also necessary for the proper delivery of the message .without a proper environment there is always a chance that the message will be misunderstood or not properly understand.
  • The medium chosen for communication should be one both the parties are conversant with . for example, we must make sure that we communicate in a language in which the  listner/s is /are comfortable. Moreover, we should also choose the medium depending on whether it is written or oral communication.
  • No communication is complete without feedback. Only when we receive feedback we know whether whatever we intended has been comprehended by the listener/s or not. Feedback may not always be in the form of a verbal response

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