The Essential of Communication

 The word “communication” is used to mean any activity in which information,     emotions, and feelings are conveyed from one to another.
 The word “communication” is derived from the Latin word “communicare” which   means “to share” that is, to share information.
 Whether we communicate or mis-communicate, communication has a significant   role in our everyday life as we spend a lot of time communicating. we   communicate   with our friends, family, relatives, colleagues, employers, and many   others we may   not know very well and even with perfect strangers. it is only     through   communication that we fulfill our different needs – whether they are   personal,   emotional, psychological, educational, social, financial, professional, or   cultural. we   cannot think of our lives without communication. it is essential to our   existence.   therefore, we should be able to communicate effectively in a coherent,   clear, and   concise manner as success in our life depends on effective   communication.
  • We should be able to communicate effectively to achieve success in our lives.

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